Classic Snake for the Mac
From opening screen, choose Speed.
There are 5 speeds: from 'Very Slow' to 'Impossible'
From opening screen, choose Board.
There are 7 board to pick from
Music & Sound
From the opeing screen, you can set Sound or Music
Both can be turned off or on separately
Keyboard Shortcuts
B : Change background
K : Change skin
P : From the game-over message, press P to start again (you can also click the message)
X : Mute the music (sounds will still play - both can be set from opening screen)
C : In the star-field background, it changes the direction of scrolling
M : Menu
Space-bar : Pause / unpause
Game Controls
The game is controlled by the cursor-keys or the WASD keys - both sets of keys are always available.
Controls can be Directinal or Steering. From Settings choose Control Type
Steering makes only left and right control keys active. The snake will turn counter-clockwise or clockwise with these keys. Think of it as 'steering' a car.
Directional controls makes all four control keys active and snake moves in the direction of the key.
Skin & Theme
Classic Snake comes with several themes
While playing the game, press space-bar to pause: the "Back" and "Skin" buttons will appear near the top
Click on these buttons to cycle thru the available theme / skin choices
You can also use the keyboard shortcuts K (sKin) and B (Background) at any time without even pausing the game
From opening screen, click the gears icon on the bottom left
This will open the settings screen which has more options
Initial Length
From Settings, Choose Initial Length
This setting is for Thin Snake only - it sets the initial length of the snake
A long initial snake will make the game more difficult more quickly
Number of targets
From Settings, Choose Number of Targets
Set this from one to many
The fewer the targets, the harder the game
Snake Size
From Settings, Choose "Snake is"
Fat makes the snake segments bigger and there is less area to move on the board
Thin makes the snake segments smaller and there is more area to move on the board
Snake Growth Rate
From Settings, Choose "On eating, grow snake by"
This sets how much the snake grows on eating each target. It can be 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10
e.g. if set to 5, the snake will grow by 5 each times it eats
The higher this setting, the faster the snake grows and the harder the game
Moving Targets ?
From Settings, Choose "Moving Targets ?"
Choose No to make the targets stay in one place until eaten
Choose 'Every 5 seconds' or 'Every 10 seconds' to make the targets move every 5 or 10 seconds
Moving Tarrgets make for a harder the game
Reset High Scores
High scores are mainted for each Board / Speed combination
If you change any of the settings, you might want to reset high scores
From Settings, click on Reset High Scores